Be Miyghty Fitness

 Dynamic yoga, strength training, and HIIT KickBoxing routines.

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MMA Kickboxing (All Levels) 

The best part about learning new MMA moves is the confidence you gain from learning self-defense. Learn techniques that you'll look forward to practicing while burning calories and building muscle.

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Strength Training (All Levels)

Full Body Strength Training is important to every move your body makes. Put in the work to build those muscles and you’ll be sure to notice a boost to your mobility and stamina throughout the day and throughout your life.

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Vinyasa Yoga (All Levels) 

Yoga is a great way to burn calories and reach your mobility goals. Movement & Meditation are a perfect pairing that occur during Yoga. Incorporate the two & keep yourself limber & centered like never before.

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Let's get fit!


Hi, I'm Wane, & I've been using my love of fitness and MMA to stay fit for the last 20 years. Join me for an in person or virtual class and start fighting your way to your fitness goals!


More About Me
Little Miyghtys
(Ages 3-6)
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Kid Miyghtys
(Ages 7-12)
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Teen & Adult Miyghtys
(Ages 13+)
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What can you expect from a Be Miyghty Fitness Class?

Be Miyghty Fitness is all about getting your body moving, pushing yourself, and having fun. The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be. No matter which class you take, you can count on moving towards your fitness goals.

Form & Technique

 You'll burn calories and learn fun new Yoga, MMA, and Strength Training techniques

Diverse Classes

We’ll mix it up: different tools, different moves, a different pace each class.

Online Training

We also offer personalized online training to help you reach your fitness goals.



Our most popular plan

  • Vinyasa Yoga (All Levels)¬†
  • Strength Training
  • HITT Kickboxing
  • Unlimited access to every Be Miyghty Fitness class!
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"If there is 5star plus I would rate it. Wane is very well rounded and professional. I joined the fitness center a month ago and I can clearly see the change in my body."


"Coming to BeMiyghty is one of the best things that happened to me in a long time."


"If I could give this studio six stars, I would!"


"Wane was the best fitness instructor I have ever had."


"Wane is truly a gem! He is so good with kids and really knows how to talk to them. My son loves his classes!"


"My daughter looks forward to class every week. Highly recommend!!"

Come have fun with fitness! 

We are so excited to support you in your journey! Making fitness fun and accessible is our goal. Movement can be for everybody! Go to our booking page and get your first class FREE.

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