Hello, I'm Wane Mendoza


 I've been using my love of fitness and MMA to stay fit for the last 20 years. Join me for an in person or virtual class and start fighting your way to your fitness goals!

My Story

Be Mighty Fitness is a studio that is comprised of yoga, strength training, and mixed martial arts. For our yoga classes, we practice Vinyasa flow. And for our strength training classes, we practice weight lifting, and calisthenics to help with mobility and cardiovascular health.

Practicing these aspects of training and having worked at many gyms/studios, I have always felt they were missing some facets of fitness. So by opening Be Miyghty Fitness, we are able to add all these missing pieces in one space. Therefore people don't have to travel to multiple places to access diverse training options. 

Bringing health and consciousness to the community is my goal while simultaneously changing people's lives for the better.